Our Services

We are specialists in serving all types of court documents including  complaints, summons, QCAT and Family Law issues, but we deliver all types of documents including non-court documents. We operate in a timely and professional manner with affidavits of service or attempted service drafted and signed by our in-house JP for all clients. Contact us 

Attending court can be a stressful endeavour but there are other options available to you as you seek to collect your debt. Allnorth QLD Services can attend court on your behalf. Our agents act on your authority to represent your interest and secure the financial state of affairs from the debtor. We will conduct oral examinations on your behalf and secure payment arrangements. Contact us

Our experienced team of agents can quickly and effectively assess an individual’s circumstances and the potential for debt and asset recovery by attending a debtors address. With a high level of sensitivity we can acquire important information such as residence, employment, assets, insurance and discuss possible outcomes with both parties.  We will provide the recipient with any relevant information required by our client to assist with a bringing about the intended outcome. Our agents can also attend an address to ascertain whether anyone is currently residing at a residence by investigating the property and conducting checks with neighbours.  Contact us

If all attempts to recover a debt have failed, and you now need to repossess assets in order to cover your debt, our agents can execute a repossession authority.  

Our team is up to date with the latest regulatory guidelines and legislation and we are fully prepared to create the maximum opportunity for recovery success. The repossession process is completed with a high level of professionalism which is both sympathetic to the customer’s situation, but also mindful of the required outcome our clients need. Contact us

We can conduct audits on inventory for commercial business units, provide rental fleet inspections, dealer monitoring, and inventory inspections. With multiple agents certified in inspections we are able to alternate the attending agent to accommodate the requirements for audits. 

To give you peace of mind on a purchase or pre finance, our agents can inspect vehicles and other assets to confirm the status of an asset and provide photos and a report on the condition of an asset. Mechanical reports are available on request. Contact us

We cover all aspects of the property repossession process from lock changes and supervised access to evictions on both domestic and commercial properties. We conduct these services with a high level of professionalism and integrity to achieve the desired outcome. Contact us 

One of the most challenging aspects for a property manager or landlord to deal with is a tenant or owner eviction. Once the order has been handed down from the court, the occupant has no recourse but to vacate the premises. This action often results in the occupant leaving unwanted furniture, belongings and other rubbish.

Our onsite team will liaises with the home owner or tenants to remove all personal items and deliver them to the new residential address or storage facility. All remaining items will be disposed of by our team. Contact us

Residue left after methamphetamine manufacture may be a health risk. Our certified testers will inspect and test for Methamphetamine in residential and commercial properties as well as vehicles that you may suspect have been exposed to methamphetamine to ensure your investments are not at risk.

We also specialise in contamination clean-up when necessary. Contact us

Having trouble finding someone? We specialise in finding people by using specialised techniques and technology to leverage multiple legal sources of information. Our experienced team have the inquiry and analytical skills to gather hard-to-find information on a person or business of interest. Contact us

We provide this service to gather factual information where needed. We can assist with common law matters, workplace harassment, income protection and life insurance, public liability and workers compensation matters. Contact us